Minnesota Process Serving

Process Serving Executed Professionally and Efficiently

When You Need Process Serving Done Correctly

If you need a process serving expertly performed by experienced professionals, look no further. Central Point Investigations provides a variety of process services for different documents. Contact our team today to have your process serving done correctly and efficiently the first time.

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  • Certified to complete service process in all 50 states
  • Extremely experienced in efficient process serving
  • Able to serve a wide range of documents
  • Each process serving is done with the utmost quality service
  • Staff is trained in the latest standards of process serving

Central Point Investigator network of service agents possess the necessary training and certifications to complete service of process assignments in all 50 states. We believe in providing service of the utmost quality to each of our clients. We handle each Minnesota process serving with care and a level of professionalism that you won’t find anywhere else. No matter the situation or type of document, our promise to you is that we conduct our services skillfully and promptly.

This process ensures that your task is accomplished efficiently and professionally. We offer complete process service for most types of documents, including [Small Claims, Summons and Complaints, Cross Complaints, Personal/record Subpoenas, Family law matters, Wage Garnishment/Bank Levy, Judgment Debtor Examination, Domestic Restraining Order, and Eviction and Foreclosure]. If you’re looking into our services for any of these documents, we highly recommend giving us a call, so we can discuss in more detail the type of process serving you require.

We’re incredibly proud of how we conduct each process serving. We know that our experience and professionalism can make a difference. When you need reliable, expert service, Central Point Investigations in Minnesota is here for you. If you have any questions or would like to get more information on process serving, please contact us today!