Investigation Services for Individuals in Wisconsin

Handling Your Infidelity, Family Law, Child Custody Investigations & More

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Relationships can become messy, especially if you think the other person is cheating. If you want peace of mind for all of your family questions, such as infidelity, child custody issues, or if your home is being bugged, give Central Point Investigations a call. We can handle all of your private investigation matters, including discovering hidden assets, anywhere in Wisconsin. Give our professional investigators a call today!

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  • Perform investigative work on someone's background
  • Conduct surveillance to understand where that person is going and who they are seeing
  • Help locating people, such as former friends or birth parents
  • Collect evidence of cheating
  • Collect evidence of child abuse or other divorce violations on part of ex-spouse
  • Find hidden assets
  • And so much more!

Investigation Services for Individuals

Infidelity Investigations

Are you experiencing difficulty in your relationship and believe your spouse is being unfaithful? Let Central Point Investigator provide you with the peace of mind you need. Using the latest in Covert Surveillance Techniques, Cell Phone and Computer Forensics, Polygraph Examinations, and GPS Tracking Techniques, our experienced investigators will get you the answers you deserve.

Family Law Investigations

Our investigators can assist in all aspects of Family Law Matters, including child custody, divorce, and domestic violence issues. Whether your client needs surveillance to prove residence, or evidence of a spouse involved in criminal activity, Central Point Investigator’s can get you the proof you need. We can also locate Hidden Assets, conduct Background Checks, and locate hard to find individuals. We also specialize in Difficult Service of Process, including Domestic Violence and Kick Out Orders.

Bug Sweeps

Judgement Recovery

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